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Our Focus

About Us

  • We create job opportunities for unemployed youth and woman and thus fighting poverty and crime.
  • Empower members of the community economically by exposing them to life skills.
  • Relieve the community from poverty related diseases such as HIV/AIDS through campaigning.
  • It render supportive services to people and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty by providing and rendering Home Based Care services which includes providing the destitute families with food parcels and taking care of children’s educational needs.
  • Networking and collaborating with other structures in the struggle to fight poverty.


These objectives were developed based on the challenges and social ills of the broader South African landscape. It is clearly noticeable that there is direct link between the above-mentioned objectives and the social ills of the communities we serve. We however acknowledge the fact that in order to achieve our goals we need the suppport of the communities, in particular Local and Provincial Government and other civil society organization, religious organisations all of which have huge role to play to complement what we do, ie bring positive change in the lives of the people and of the community at large.